iPhoneステーション 稲毛店

iPhoneステーション 稲毛店

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このお店のクチコミ(From Google Place)


  • It was saved because he repaired it on the spot! It was the 4th time to repair the cracked screen, but I am grateful that you are willing to repair it every time. Thank you very much.
  • Even if you are busy, the correspondence is good and the work is quick and polite 👍 I will recommend it to my acquaintances and family.
  • It takes 10 minutes to fix it, so it's very fast and recommended!
  • According to the official, we took 5 days or more and thought about the risk of erasing data while taking backups, so we visited the store with 6s battery replacement. It ended in about 30 minutes, and it's good without any problems so far. In the case of myself, it's okay because it has been 4 years since I purchased it and I was in a hurry, but if you come to the store, please be aware that you are not covered by your carrier's warranty.
  • It was saved by the prompt response! ️ Thank you for your continued support 🙇‍♂️
店舗名iPhoneステーション 稲毛店
電話番号 043-307-5238
※お問い合わせの際は「iPhoneリペナビ を見た」とお伝えください。
  • ※所在地・営業時間・修理料金などの最新情報は、お店のWebサイトで確認をお願い致します。
  • ※店舗情報に誤りを発見された場合には、お問い合わせよりご連絡をお願いいたします。




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