Rish 津田沼店

Rish 津田沼店

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  • I used an iPhone 5s, but the touch function has broken. I was in trouble because all the IDs and PWs were in the PW management application, and I came to the store because I was a keepsake of a person and I definitely want them to fix it. I thought it would be unavoidable if the data disappeared for repair, but when I restarted after the forced termination, how! It was resurrected. I repaired it without repairing it at all, and the data remained as it was ... tears suddenly struck. All the photos of the person who was a souvenir were just as they were, and I really appreciate it. I wanted to pay this gratitude, but I could not receive it just because I turned the power on and off. Almost all of my friends use iPhones, so I would like to introduce them when they break. I'm really thankful to you.
  • It depends on the store to replace the battery. I was searching online for shops that can exchange batteries around Tsudanuma Station, and it was the best feeling, so I decided to use this shop. It took about 10 minutes to replace the battery of the iPhone5 and I was very surprised. The staff is very responsive and I am very happy to answer this question accurately. I would like to use it again if something happens.
  • I often went out of the battery in a day, so I went to have the battery replaced. I went there without making a reservation, but the battery was exchanged in about 15 minutes! By the way, I had the iPhone's surface and internal dirt clean for free 無 料 The clerk was also nice and friendly ✨ Before going to the store, the clerk's face was uploaded to Google Maps, so I entered the store with peace of mind. I would also like to go if the battery is exhausted.
  • I asked to replace the iPhone 6 battery because it was bad. Interested in easy-to-understand explanations and polite work. I wanted to ask again in case of trouble. Lucky to meet a good shop because it's not a place to visit! Recommended.
  • I asked for a repair because the LCD was broken. The store is clean and beautiful. Because I was able to repair at the cheapest price in Tsudanuma, I felt it was profitable. I was worried at first, but it was very easy to understand because of the politeness and explanation. It is also good to have a reinforced film stuck for free. I want to use it again.
店舗名Rish 津田沼店
電話番号 0120-978-891
※お問い合わせの際は「iPhoneリペナビ を見た」とお伝えください。
最寄り駅JR津田沼駅 北口(パルコ側)より徒歩1分
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