iPhone修理ジャパン 船橋店

iPhone修理ジャパン 船橋店

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  • The owner was very clear on pricing and what might be need to fix my iPhone 6. They took time to translate everything because my Japanese is very poor. They did everything in 30 minutes with no upfront charge, and provided a 3 month guarantee on replaced parts This was much better than the service I was offered in another nearby shop, so I recommend them if you need a phone repairing in Funabashi
  • They fixed my phone perfectly. Thank you so much!
  • Best service
  • It was very helpful to have the battery replaced immediately without a reservation. I had the glass replaced and am very happy with it. I wish I had come sooner.
  • A blackout condition that was thought to be useless can be diagnosed and fixed in just a few minutes. I replaced it with a new LCD panel as it was, and also told me that the battery was weak, so I replaced the battery as well. It only took about 20 minutes this time, depending on how crowded it was and the state of the repair. A previous review said that the bad battery was causing the swelling, but I think it was the result of skimping on the 1,000 yen waterproof tape. When replacing the battery, the waterproof tape must be removed, so it is better to always attach the battery tape as a countermeasure against sweat and rain. Thank you for your prompt and courteous work this time.
店舗名iPhone修理ジャパン 船橋店
電話番号 047-405-9955
※お問い合わせの際は「iPhoneリペナビ を見た」とお伝えください。
千葉県船橋市本町5-3-3 杉川ビル1F
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【所在地】千葉県船橋市本町5-3-3 杉川ビル1F


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