SmaPla イオンモール船橋店

SmaPla イオンモール船橋店

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このお店のクチコミ(From Google Place)


  • Excellent service very fast and highly recommend
  • I was able to touch the screen, but the screen was cracked and I had to replace the panel. After replacing the panel, I could no longer operate the screen, and although the store clerk said that the higher panel was as good as the genuine product, touch did not work, the screen color was orangeish, dark, and the screen was blurry. I get so drunk looking at the screen. The next day, lines appeared on the screen, and something like an ink smear appeared on the screen. I feel like I paid a high price and was ruined. I really regret having it repaired at a non-official shop. I ended up having to buy a new one the next day. It was an expensive purchase. Please be sure to have it repaired at an authorized store. When I press the middle home button, it's tilted diagonally and doesn't work as well. worst
  • The Apple Watch band stopped coming off, and I asked a regular Apple store to repair it, but I couldn't fix it. So, I brought it to Sumapura. A kind and handsome salesclerk tried hard to remove the band that didn't move at all. Another cute female clerk searched for what to do with her smartphone. The three of us talked about various things, and at the end it was a tapping sound. There is a risk of breaking this, so I was able to do it because I had my consent. Finally got out Apple Watch is intact. I had already given up, so I was so happy that I jumped up. They even disposed of the band that came off and cleaned the Apple Watch. I don't need any money. It took me a long time and it was a lot of work, but I felt apologetic and was healed by the two kind staff members, so I went home. I definitely recommend this store. Thank you very much, Sumapura-san 😊
  • I changed the battery of my mobile phone. Thank you for the polite and kind correspondence of the handsome manager! It was very helpful to hear selfishness about the repair time. thank you.
  • The staff was polite and kind, and I was very indebted to asking various things and letting me try it. I will go again if something happens.
店舗名SmaPla イオンモール船橋店
電話番号 047-436-8790
※お問い合わせの際は「iPhoneリペナビ を見た」とお伝えください。
最寄り駅新船橋駅 徒歩1分
  • ※所在地・営業時間・修理料金などの最新情報は、お店のWebサイトで確認をお願い致します。
  • ※店舗情報に誤りを発見された場合には、お問い合わせよりご連絡をお願いいたします。


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