SmaPla イオンモール船橋店

SmaPla イオンモール船橋店

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  • Excellent service very fast and highly recommend
  • My iPhone stopped booting and I decided to repair it at this store. I replaced the battery because the cause was the battery, and thought that the repair was completed, but after a while, the iPhone did not start again. When I contacted the store, I was asked to come to the store because there was a possibility of an initial failure of the battery, so I decided to go to the store again. As a result of having the cause investigated again, it was said that "it is out of control at our store", and as in other reviews, it could not be repaired and only 3000 yen was paid. When I asked him why he replaced the battery when it wasn't the cause, he just made an excuse, "This is how we do it at our store." I got a little confused and told him how to deal with it even though he took the time to come, but the clerk said, "I'm actually coming all the way even though I'm on holiday." I was surprised at the low technical ability and poor education of the clerk. We recommend that you do not use this store. Not only is it a waste of money and time, but it also makes the clerk uncomfortable.
  • The following is a technical shortage of the technicians at this shop. child. I had the LCD of iPhoneSE2 replaced here with the blackout. It came to be displayed by replacing the LCD, but this time I could hardly flick (touch the LCD), so I asked him to reassemble it here. After that, the next day, it became inoperable because it could not be flicked completely. .. When I took it to another store as a second opinion, I was told that "chitin and LCD are not addicted to the main body" and "there is a lack of skill of the worker who did this and there is a possibility that the LCD is defective", and the LCD is again displayed at another store. I had it exchanged. Then, the flickering and flicking were malfunctioning, but it was completely healed. The repair cost has doubled, and I am very disappointed.
  • When I sent it to repair the iPhone display and battery and returned it, the mounting screws were made fun of. The next day, when I took it to the store, it could not be repaired, and there was no replacement screw. I was told that it was a clear mistake and that the warranty would not apply. People without skill and knowledge are repairing it, so you should be careful. I'm the worst shop Cheap or bad, it's self-responsibility, so I'm going to sleep.
  • It's really too bad to talk about, it's a scam, and it's too bad to deal with, so it's already laughable. Even if I pay double the price, I don't think I'll ever put it out here.
店舗名SmaPla イオンモール船橋店
電話番号 047-436-8790
※お問い合わせの際は「iPhoneリペナビ を見た」とお伝えください。
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