iPhone Station 市原五井店

iPhone Station 市原五井店

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  • The person who had the liquid crystal cured. The repair time was very quick and the response was also very good! The location is a little confusing, but it's one behind Tempstaff!
  • When I searched for a store in Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture that could repair the iPad screen and battery at the same time, I asked for this store! As the word of mouth says, the quality was very good and the repair time was quick, so I am satisfied! It seems that not only the iPad but also the iPhone screen and battery can be repaired on the same day, so I would like to ask if the iPhone breaks!
  • cheap! fast! The shop staff wasn't as unfriendly as the word-of-mouth communication says! I was taken care of when I came here for work. Thank you very much.
  • Telephone correspondence is too terrible. The moment you find out that the other person is a high school student, the wording changes to something like "~ ssune". I had the screen replaced, and despite the highest plan, it was damaged again in less than a month, and ghost touches that I hadn't had before I sent it for repair started to occur. In addition, I heard from an acquaintance of the shopkeeper that he started repairing smartphones to make money. There is no technology If you ask for this store, go to another store. The undamaged part will be broken further.
  • Phone support is terrible. Even if it says anything about the iPhone on the site, it is not supported if you request replacement of the glass film. I won't call you again
店舗名iPhone Station 市原五井店
電話番号 0436-22-1770
※お問い合わせの際は「iPhoneリペナビ を見た」とお伝えください。
千葉県市原市五井中央東2丁目14-13 第一しのはらビル101
最寄り駅JR線/小湊鉄道線 五井駅徒歩1分
  • ※所在地・営業時間・修理料金などの最新情報は、お店のWebサイトで確認をお願い致します。
  • ※店舗情報に誤りを発見された場合には、お問い合わせよりご連絡をお願いいたします。


【所在地】千葉県市原市五井中央東2丁目14-13 第一しのはらビル101
【最寄駅】JR線/小湊鉄道線 五井駅徒歩1分


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