EyeSmart 八千代緑が丘

EyeSmart 八千代緑が丘

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  • Nice place for phone protection
  • I brought it because my computer suddenly stopped booting. When the staff responded politely and initialized the settings of the first screen, it started up on the spot. When I asked some, it might be a setting problem, so I was told that there was no charge and I had it fixed for free. After watching the situation for a while, I was told to bring it if something went wrong, but for now it's okay. It was very good. Thank you very much.
  • 本日、PC購入しました。 最初の説明の時から大変丁寧でした。 使いたいソフトも入れていただき、不具合等も直していただきました。 店員さんが皆さん大変親切です。 またお世話になりたいお店です。
  • I had the data of the submerged smartphone rescued. At first, when I took it to another store, I was told that I couldn't repair it, so I had to buy a new one, but I had the necessary data, so I looked it up and asked this store. The data was about to give up, but he fixed my smartphone that day, and the important data remained as it was! I checked a number of repair shops this time, and found that the range of repairs that can be done by each shop is completely different. This shop seems to have high technology, so I will ask again when something happens in the future.
  • I bought a computer at this store before. The other day, when I was on a business trip, a message was suddenly displayed with an unlicensed product, and I couldn't use Excel. Even if I tried various things myself, I couldn't use it at all. I called. I was told that the Microsoft office installed by the repairer who saw it could not be used because it is highly likely that it was a non-genuine product that was obtained illegally. I was shown the search screen, but it was written that even in Microsoft office, there is a high possibility that most of them are non-genuine products and will soon become unusable because of the type of professional plus. What was even more surprising was that many of them were sold for hundreds of yen on the Yahoo screen that I was shown with, and I paid more than 10,000 yen to purchase them. Although I'm not familiar with it, Microsoft office had an expensive image of tens of thousands of yen, so I undoubtedly asked that I could buy it for just over 10,000 yen, but I'm in Aeon. The sense of security of the store is definitely supported, and I am full of regret and regret. After all, on-site repairs could not be made available, and I was told that it might be illegal, so I asked them to use other apps as a first aid measure. I can still use my computer without any problems, but I never thought that Ion was selling such a fraudulent product, so I wouldn't use it again because of the high tuition fee and repair costs.
店舗名EyeSmart 八千代緑が丘
電話番号 047-779-9366
※お問い合わせの際は「iPhoneリペナビ を見た」とお伝えください。
営業時間平日 11:00~20:00 土日祝 10:00~20:00
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