EyeSmart 八千代緑が丘

EyeSmart 八千代緑が丘

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  • Nice place for phone protection
  • The old laptop I've been using for a long time doesn't start, so I took a look at the reviews and brought it to this store. First of all, the response of the man in charge was very good. I was considering repairing it, but because the model year of the PC is old, it is cheaper to buy a PC sold at the store for about 30,000 yen than to repair it, and the performance of the PC I was told that it would improve, so I bought a computer here without repairing it. I was worried about the data, but it was very helpful because I had the necessary data such as Word and Excel migrated from the old computer and all the initial settings were done. All I had to do at home was to look behind the modem and enter the password for the Wi-Fi connection. It seems that the PCs on sale use SSDs, so although the price is low, the operation is crisp, so it is very comfortable. The staff was very kind and the explanation was easy to understand, so I would like to use it again if there is anything.
  • I couldn't turn on the power of my computer, and when I looked it up online, there were many reviews in my neighborhood, so I asked. The staff was polite, but probably because the motherboard is broken, it takes up to a week to investigate and it costs more than 30,000, so I was in a hurry and it is not a new computer so I bought 30,000 I thought I'd replace it, but the PCs I was selling were quite expensive, so I was giving up. It was repaired in about 10,000 and the amount was about 10,000. Even if you look at the word of mouth again, can it be faster if you use SSD? The staff may be polite to some people, but they are not good at difficult repairs. I tried to make two stars, but the difference between the period and the amount of money was too big for me to repair it, so this evaluation. excuse me.
  • I went to repair my computer, but I bought one at the same time. Moreover, the repair was completed on the same day. The explanation of the clerk is easy to understand even for amateurs, and there is a sense of security. I am very strong in iPhone relations. I recommend it!
  • This time, I asked about the repair of iPhone. In the end, it was more like repairing it, so even though I asked him what to do with his smartphone in the future, even though he asked me one hour before the store closed, he gave me various consultations and responded very politely. Thank you. It really helped me! thank you very much!
店舗名EyeSmart 八千代緑が丘
電話番号 047-779-9366
※お問い合わせの際は「iPhoneリペナビ を見た」とお伝えください。
営業時間平日 11:00~20:00 土日祝 10:00~20:00
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