EyeSmart 八千代緑が丘

EyeSmart 八千代緑が丘

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  • I will never go again. I was taken care of several times when it opened under the elevated. The work was very quick and affordable, which was very helpful. I knew that I had recently moved to Aeon. The camera wasn't working well and I checked the price over the phone and visited at a later date. I didn't want to wait, so I went there at the same time as Aeon opened, but the store didn't open even though it was past 10 o'clock. I called the store first, but it was ringing in front of me without any reason. I'm not sure if I call the other number listed and it's 11 o'clock if I might have made a mistake in the shift. When I was told to check and turn back, a woman who seemed to be a clerk ran. I was impatient with a half laugh, but I wondered if I couldn't make it in time for the store to open, or as a member of society. I was frustrated by the half laughter. I regretted having left it because I thought I could open my cellphone to a sloppy person. I explained the difference in the amount because the price was different from the price confirmed by phone, but I asked you to do it at the price confirmed by phone. And it is said to wait for 40 minutes. I don't know why I went there in the morning. I think it may take some time depending on the work, but I haven't taken so much time in the morning when I was under the elevated. When I deposited it, I said that if the repair I requested was not good, I said that the model would change, and when I returned to pick it up, it seemed that I could not do the repair I wanted, so I asked him to return it without doing anything. It was as you said, so there is no problem, but I was stunned because I was not told that I would be charged for the work when I deposited it. Maybe it was written in the consent form, but I was frustrated and left it without reading it, so if it was written, this is bad, but at least I said that I will take the work fee even if I can not repair it verbally I wanted it. Because it was really good when I was under the elevated What I expected more from the move to Aeon I was really disappointed. I will never go there again.
  • We have been using it since it was open in stores under the elevated. This is also the third time I have used it at an AEON store. I mainly ask for battery replacement, but the work time is fast, and I am always polite and relieved. I ask for my own and my family's terminals every time, but I have been using them comfortably without any problems. I think that I will use it again, so I look forward to working with you in the future.
  • I asked you to replace the 6S plus battery last Sunday. I was told at another non-genuine store that I might not be able to charge the battery with a non-genuine cord after replacing the battery, so when I contacted by phone, I received a polite response and replaced it here. I'm not saying the price is very cheap, but I thought it was reasonable. It took about 40 minutes to replace the battery probably because it was crowded, but I thought it couldn't be helped. I'm worried about the fact that replacement batteries from non-regular stores are often evaluated as having poor life.
  • The screen was repaired immediately in 30 minutes. Thank you ♪
  • It is a very polite response and work, and I would like to use it if something happens again, but I pray that there will be nothing again ...! Lol
店舗名EyeSmart 八千代緑が丘
電話番号 047-779-9366
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営業時間平日 11:00~20:00 土日祝 10:00~20:00
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