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  • In order to repair the home button of the iPhone SE2, I ordered the home button and asked for repair. We also responded. It is recommended because the price is cheap and the explanation is detailed. In addition to repairing iPhones, we also repair and maintain PCs, etc., so if there is anything, we will ask you!
  • The restoration did not come true, but they were very polite and sincere. It was said that it would not be possible to recover immediately at the repair shop in Kata and Doki, and they could not respond.
  • The notebook I just bought caused a lot of blue screens, and I was able to re-install my computer. We had you find out that the memory had a problem, and after that, you can use it comfortably without any trouble ☆ Also, thanks to the fact that I learned a lot of scaled information from my eyes, such as a significant increase in PC speed in "SSD replacement" during repair work, the knowledge has expanded significantly ☆ 5 evaluations are not enough Hmm! We would like to thank you for being blessed with the best repair company and hope that as many PC users as possible will notice it. Thank you very much for your kind consultation even though it was a second-hand computer.
  • I had you attach a film for battery replacement and service (* ゜ ∀ ゜ *) The store manager here was very friendly and explained the work in an easy-to-understand manner and exchanged it carefully. Even if I contacted him that he was a little late for work, he was very flexible in his time and was very helpful. It was a lot of fun to hear about the recent PC situation. I feel that such a repair shop is definitely necessary in the local area (*'∀') b
  • I had you repair the place where the personal computer beeped and did not start. However, I practiced all the solutions I could find on the net and had no choice but to replace them. However, I was taught how to start it without replacing any parts, and I was able to start it safely. The work was very fast, and the service cleaned it. I was able to ask various questions and was a very good manager. I've hit a lost repair shop several times, but I didn't know there was such a good shop in my area. I will be indebted here from now on
電話番号 0144-72-6767
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