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  • I have been indebted to you for a long time. I decided to change to the iPhone 13 pro and have a new protective film attached, and when I checked by phone (twice) just in case, it said, "If it's a 12 pro, it's the same size as the 13 pro, so it's okay !!" Visit the store. Then, an unpleasant speaker? I can't because the position of is different between 12pro and 13pro. I just couldn't put it on. It's a pity that I came all the way because I didn't want to go to the city because of the corona. I'm checking it over the phone, so I don't want to be told the right thing, but I can post it to other people too! Are you saying? After that, I want you to be careful.
  • フロントガラスにヒビが入ったためメールにて問い合わせしたところ在庫が安いのと高いので各種1点だけ在庫あるとのこと、「このメールにて取り置きします」と言ってもらえたため「明日伺いますのでお願いします」と返信し当日お店に行ったところ 店員さんが「昨日の夜安い方の在庫出ちゃいました高いのしかないです」とのこと、なんで?と思いましたが修理は依頼せずにお店を後にしました。 メールでの対応はすごく丁寧で良かったのでとても残念です。
  • First of all, when I took care of it, I used my bare hands without gloves. When I put it out for camera repair, the protective sticker on the screen was broken and returned, so when I pointed out, "The disclaimer says that accessories are out of warranty", so I bought a new protective sticker myself. is. But if I didn't put a protective sticker on it, the screen of the main body would have been cracked. When I asked if something went wrong after depositing it here, I was asked, "What is the proof that something went wrong after depositing it in our shop?" This is the first time I have been told such a terrible thing. Also, when I checked the operation after the first repair, the camera was strange, so I had to disassemble it again and had to wait an additional 30 minutes, but I got only one hour's parking ticket. I have to pay the parking fee that I wouldn't have paid if I finished the first time. I want you to be a little more professional. I don't want to go again. Thank you for the reply from the owner. Even if there is an initial defect, the feeling of anxiety when depositing it will not go away due to trauma, so please delete my personal information if you leave it. There may be company regulations, but please delete it.
  • There aren't many stores in Sapporo that can replace the battery of the iPad, but it was very helpful to have it here. (Battery was out of stock, so it wasn't replaced on the same day.) When I asked for additional cleaning, it became very beautiful! (I feel!)
  • When I put my smartphone in my pocket with a metal one, it got messed up and the screen was damaged, so I sent it out for screen repair. I hadn't put on a protective sheet yet, so I had you put it on! Thank you.
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