iPhone修理ジャパン 盛岡店

iPhone修理ジャパン 盛岡店

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このお店のクチコミ(From Google Place)


  • "iPhone 12 mini, I brought it in on the day without a reservation due to a defective display due to suspicion of being submerged in water, but they responded quickly, and the repair was completed while I was eating at a nearby shop. ”
  • I had an iPhone 6s battery exchange, LCD exchange, and speaker exchange. Even though I asked you in a hurry, you were kind enough to help me.
  • I had my iPhone 11 battery replaced. It was good that it ended much earlier than the image of the repair
  • I had my iphone11 LCD fixed. I am very satisfied because the repair was fast with a very conscientious person.
  • Visited for iPhone 7 battery replacement. Works fast! about 10 minutes? No data deletion or other settings required, work quickly! I wish it had come sooner.
店舗名iPhone修理ジャパン 盛岡店
電話番号 050-3184-4007
※お問い合わせの際は「iPhoneリペナビ を見た」とお伝えください。
岩手県盛岡市中央通り1-8-13 中央ビル1F
  • ※所在地・営業時間・修理料金などの最新情報は、お店のWebサイトで確認をお願い致します。
  • ※店舗情報に誤りを発見された場合には、お問い合わせよりご連絡をお願いいたします。


【所在地】岩手県盛岡市中央通り1-8-13 中央ビル1F


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